A facet of the summit that is offered to an exclusive number of brands and retailers. Interactive roundtable talks are designed to stimulate intimate conversations regarding the critical changes facing our industry.

Roundtable Talks will take place in the Green Room and are open to brand delegates only: please subscribe here to attend the sessions you are interested in – Each talk hosts up to 15 brands, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail after registering.

Please note that timing is subject to change – we will send final confirmation prior to the Summit.

20 NOV. 12:35 // Embracing the P-Word: Personalisation at Scale

// Predictions, offerings and an inevitable shopping momentum: realising real customer behaviour (and leveraging it) // The channel-less luxury experience: a combination of trialed technology without the heavy technicalities // Exploring innovative partnerships to experience a controlled omnichannel experience

Moderator: Ivano Fossati, VP of CoE & Operations, SAP CX EMEA South

20 NOV. 15:10 // The power of product placement: big data decisions

// Defining your toolkit to activate target communities (for usable insights analysis) // Following influence with sample tracking + big data backing // Product launch success: real activity measurement to inform strategy

Moderator: Alison Bringé, Chief Marketing Officer, Launchmetrics

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