David Fischer | Highsnobiety | Speaker at e-P Summit 2019 | 23 Oct. | Milan

Founder & CEO, Highsnobiety

David Fischer founded Highsnobiety in 2005 as a streetwear and subculture-focused passion blog, which has since evolved into an authority media brand. Today, Highsnobiety sits amongst the most visited global sources on emerging trends and products in fashion, music, art and lifestyle.

Through its curated editorial content and in-house content production agency, Highsnobiety+, the media brand acts as a cultural liaison that connects brands with the next generation of style-conscious tastemakers and trendsetters. David’s contributions to the fashion industry have earned him numerous industry accolades, including placement in the 2017 and 2018 Business of Fashion 500 lists.

Website: www.highsnobiety.com