Chiara Orlandini | Italic. | Speaker at e-P Summit 2018 | 20-21 Nov. | Milan

Chiara Orlandini, Design Lead, Italic.

Chiara Orlandini has lived in between Italy and the United States and travelled all over the world. Her studies in Industrial Design were soon combined with her strong interest in Fashion and she started to work for some of the most interesting fashion manufacturers in the Italian market to then move on to professional experiences in several renowned fashion houses. Her knowledge of Made In Italy products, where she matured a particularly significant experience at Giorgio Armani, is combined with her experience on the American scene, where she held the position of Vice President of Design at Calvin Klein. Although her professional experience began in footwear, her career later extended to the complete world of male and female accessories. Her strong interest for the creative phase in fashion design always goes hand in hand with her high attention towards production processes and material research, as her significant experiences at international industrial companies as well as “handmade” manufacturing enterprises in Europe, Asia and South America clearly show. In recent years, she has shifted her attention towards new technologies and environmental sustainability too. In 2016, she founded Chio Resolutions whose mission it is to offer professional expertise to support innovative and high-quality projects. In 2018 joined Jeremy Cai and the Italic team to launch the innovative platform.