PRIVACY POLICY according to art. 12 and pursuant to EU Regulation 679/2016

New European rules on protection and processing of personal data give responsibility to the data processor (the data owner) to organize its activities and provide the necessary technical actions to protect the data, ensure their lawful use, and to allow people who have shared their data to enforce their rights (right of access to data, correction, cancellation). These principles imply that the person who has shared his/her data is informed about the data processing and its purpose, and his/her rights.
Pitti Immagini Srl gives here the main information necessary for your privacy and security and how to get more information, if necessary.
Pitti Immagine Srl based in Via Faenza, 111 – Florence, is the data owner as legal representative. Pitti Immagine Srl processes standard data like directories (name, surname, professional qualification, e-mail address, any specific sector of interest). Data are acquired and processed according to legitimate interests of Pitti Immagine Srl in running conferences and events in industry and culture, fashion and textile, technology and digital sectors, for standard communication of interest in the business environment. Since the data are processed within the legitimate business and professional purposes of Pitti Immagine Srl, their processing does not require your consent, without prejudice for the rights above.

Personal data collected will be used for purposes related to pre-contractual obligations, contractual, legal, fiscal and accounting conditions, technical communications, complaint management and information on future initiatives and events organized by Pitti Immagine Srl.
When necessary, in the case of initiatives or special events, participants may be given additional information in relation to any potential other way of processing the data, which must be intended as an integration and specification of the present policy.
Processing data meaning and basis
The legal basis in the context of European Union and Italian law is the “legitimate interest” in data processing, that is the natural relationship between the professional activities of Pitti Immagine Srl and the people to whom the data belong. Pitti Immagine Srl uses the data for this purpose according with the sector standard and as expected in this professional field. In addition to this, the data may be used for specific reasons of security protection of organized events or for contractual and legal obligations.

Personal data are limited to those necessary for the fulfillment of the above mentioned requirements. Providing personal data is mandatory by contract only for legal owners or representatives of companies, or their attorneys.

Data processing and contacts owner and manager
Pitti Immagine Srl, via Faenza, 111 – Florence
E-mail address for communications [email protected]

Recepiens of personal data – Transfer of data to other States outside EU
Data will be used only within the organization controlled by Pitti Immagine Srl and the Group to which it belongs (Gruppo Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana), both located in Italy. The data may be disclosed to third parties charged with activities on behalf of Pitti Immagine Srl, who are also required to comply with the same obligations of confidentiality and security, and will be used for purposes related to initiatives and events organized by FieraDigitale Srl as indicated above.
This may occur when Pitti Immagine relies on external subjects for the performance of certain services or for activities of its own competence or when external subjects (such as suppliers, counselors, commercial partners etc.) cooperate in the realization of a specific event .
Pitti Immagine Srl appoints the subjects that are responsible for the processing of personal data whenever it is required by law.

In case of events realized with the cooperation of other subjects acting as sponsors, in certain cases and upon the legitimate interest of the data owner and of the sponsoring society, the data owner may communicate some personal data to the sponsoring society ( limited to: Name, Surname, title, society) in order to identify the participation in the event; the data owner communicates said data only in case of participation in an event that is expressly supported and organized by the sponsor within the general initiative.

For said purpose data may also be transferred outside the EU, given the transnational nature of some events organized by Pitti Immagine Srl. In said cases, the owner of the data will comply with the previsions set out in Chapter V of the EU Regulation n. 679/2016.
All necessary precautions will be taken in order to ensure uniform protection of the personal data of the interested subjects, basing the said transfer on: a) decisions on the adequacy of the third states adopted by the European Commission; b) adequate guarantees given by the third receiving subject as set out in art. 46 of the EU Regulation; c) the adoption of binding corporate rules.
The data owner may also proceed to the transfer of personal data in the absence of said requirements, when any of the situations of non-application set out in art.49 of EU Regulation occur.

Data retention and their security
We expect to keep personal data for at least two years, or at expiration for more time, if in the last year or in the last two events organized by Pitti Immagine Srl there was still at least one relationship between Pitti Immagine Srl and the person to whom the data belong or the company to which the person whose data is referenced.

Ways of processing
Data processing follows the following steps and methods:
– digital data acquisition through filling of online forms after the acquisition of data on paper form, which is then destroyed after 2 months;
– data retention on data base with electronic management through a secure system;
– access to the system and use of data by Pitti Immagine Srl authorized and identified staff with reserved access keys;
– registration of accesses and uses of data.

Rights of protection
The person to whom the data belong has the right to use all the protections provided for by the EU regulation, which consist of the following rights:
– right of access to personal data, with the right to know about the existence of own data held by Pitti Immagine Srl and in case of presence of data, the right to receive all the information required by art. 15 of the EU regulation, and in any case all those already provided above, to be specified for the data of the person requesting access;
– the right to request the correction of their data or their cancellation or limitation or to oppose, in whole or in part, to their processing or transfer by Pitti Immagine Srl or its data processors.
These rights will be fulfilled, according to EU regulation, also including the possible right of to Pitti Immagine Srl preserve and process personal data for the protection of its interests recognized and protected by law, such as execution of legal contracts, protection of their claims, exercise of judicial actions.
To protect the rights of the person whom the data belong to, he/she can submit a complaint to the Italian Data Protection Authority (