Salesforce Partner of e-P Summit 2018 | 20-21 Nov. | Milan

Salesforce is the global leader in customer relationship management(CRM), helping companies connect with their customers in a whole new way.

Founded in 1999, Salesforce enables companies of every size and industry to take advantage of powerful Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies—cloud, mobile, social, internet of things, and artificial intelligence—to get closer to their customers.

The Salesforce Customer Success Platform includes industry-leading services spanning sales, service, marketing, commerce, communities, collaboration and industries, all on a single trusted cloud platform.


Contact Person:  Maurizio Capobianco // Regional Vice President

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Global cloud computing giant Salesforce is at the forefront of technologies that help companies drive sales and connect with customers. A pioneer in true cloud, mobile consumer services and customer relationship management, Salesforce is rapidly growing worldwide.

Its most recent, ground-breaking partnerships include a partnership with Apple that brings together its number one customer relationship management platform and iO. We chatted with Maurizio Capobianco, Regional Vice President of Salesforce to find out what is new ahead of the upcoming e-P Summit.

Salesforce has always spearheaded advancements in true cloud and driving customer store growth in store and via e-commerce. What are the new partnerships relevant to the fashion world?

We have unfurled some iOS applications that can be used in store and iPad apps, as well as an artificial intelligence engagement platform, which is powered by computer vision artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

What are some of the latest features that are helping drive your sales?

Lately our commerce features are perhaps the most interesting. We are really focused on driving customer growth in store and via e-commerce. I think we have achieved that, especially if you look at our success with mens wear brand Boggi.

How are you helping your clients achieve their goals?

Our focus in particular is to help our clients to reach their business objectives. Today companies are more focused on maximising all channels like social media. The final client now has the power to use unique features like “pin-to-buy” on Pinterest. And this really closes the loop between wholesaler and distributor. The integration with Apple Pay and Google Play is also another main driver we are very proud of.

How are you helping make shopping more seamless?

We have performed a study dubbed “Shopper First Retailing,” which is basically our new rules of retail from the actions, voices and eyes of today’s consumers. We copied data from over half a billions shoppers worldwide in over six continents and that research has helped us understand the competitive playing field.

What did the survey reveal?

We conducted a survey of 70 physical stores that were graded through an in-person assessment. Store details, from mobile features to loyalty program mentions were numerically rated and we discovered that shopping visits via mobile phone is more and more of a driver and indicative of an ongoing trend. Through our recent survey that combined insights form half a billion shoppers worldwide, we discovered that mobile accounts for 92 percent of commerce order growth and 71 percent of shoppers prefer to leave a store with a product in hand.

Salesforce is San Francisco based, but has a presence in Italy. Who are your primary customers now in this region?

Italy is definitely a growing country for salesforce. One of the main markets that we are seeing grow is the fashion industry. After fashion, another industry where we see growth, is the food and grocery industry. We have also noted growth in B2C clients and that is really expanding into all markets. Companies were once focused on B2B and sold only through B2B and now they are looking to sell through B2C.

How does Salesforce distinguish itself from competitors?

There are many competitors and leaders Salesforce is a leader in cloud solutions. Other competitors say they are cloud but are hosting and we have stand out because of our unique cloud model. Salesforce, for example, does automatic upgrades and we have a very strong value system in which every individual is treated equally.

How has our summit been beneficial to your business?

It’s the fourth year. I have to be sincere, I’ve had positive feedback. On an Italian level, it’s the only event that is able to unite the fashion world and the tech world. We have always had returns in terms of awareness.