HiPay Partner of e-P Summit 2018 | 20-21 Nov. | Milan

HiPay is a global payment provider. We believe that payment goes beyond the processing of transactions.

Thanks to a unique and flexible platform, we allow our merchants to get more value from their payment data, whatever the sales channel.

We help our clients to optimize their conversion rate, increase their revenue and create unique purchasing experience.


Website: www.hipay.com
Contact Person:  Paola Trecarichi // VP Italy

[email protected]
+39 02 82952161


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HiPay, a France-based global payment service provider is at the forefront of fraud protection, omni-channel rollout and conversion rate optimization in order to aid their e-commerce partners in growing their revenues.

We chatted with their Italian VP Paola Trecarichi to discuss how innovation is rapidly altering their business.

Omnichannel – is interesting for fashion brands like Promod. How are these strategies you propose valid for physical and e-commerce stores?
Omichannel strategy is the future. By merging online and offline transactions in a unique platform, retailers can now offer a new purchasing experience to their customers such as store-to-web, web-to-store and become more and more “cross-media,” to keep an eye on every touch point.
If it is always the same user who buys, we should keep track of where his purchases are completed, to address he/she with the correct information and promotions.
Only a complete platform that permits to gather all the data will really help innovative merchants with an omnichannel strategy.

Many new merchants have chosen HiPay for the development of their activity in France and in Europe, like Rossignol, Oscaro, Déco.fr (M6 Group), Pixmania, Marie Claire,

Figaret, Metro Cash & Carry, Christian Lacroix, Pylones, Intermarché, The Kooples, L’Exception, Vide Dressing and Private Sport Shop. What do they all have in common?
They all understood the importance of transactions and that’s the key point. They all showed an innovative approach to business and demonstrated that they are paying close attention to data analysis in order to understand their users’ needs better.
The payment provider is no more just a commodity… It’s a strategic partner for companies who are ready to change, to evolve and with a clear outstanding/overview of their business. Moreover, we offer them new added-value features to reduce fraud, increase their conversion rate and introduce an innovative customer experience

Your company is expanding worldwide – what is happening in terms of international development?
HiPay successfully pursued its international expansion with notable sales investments in Europe. In fact, over half of HiPay’s transactions are made by merchants established outside France. This
strategy of geographical diversification is expected to continue and accelerate in 2018.

How are you planning to enrich your platform in terms of anti-fraud and 

business intelligence? What investments are being made in terms of technology?
Our team is composed by half of “tech people” and the other of R&D ones. We are constantly working to enrich our platform and release new features.
This year we presented the new “HiPay Sentinel,” an innovative tool that thanks to artificial intelligence – speeds up the manual work of reviewing challenged transactions, reducing the time to check problematic payments by 90 percent. It also lets the user know instantly if the payment has been concluded well. By comparieson, manual work can lead to a 72 hours delay!

How is your business intelligence tool evolving?
The Business Intelligence tool, as well, is always undergoing improvements. We recently released the connection with Google Analytics. Merchants could check how much an advertising campaign is worth to them, how many users could potentially be lost and focus the campaign on the most loyal ones with discounts and rewards. Overall, we help them to improve their commercial strategy.