Antavo Partner of e-P Summit 2018 | 20-21 Nov. | Milan

Antavo is the leading customer loyalty technology for fashion and retail in Europe.

It provides a SaaS platform and strategy to create customer retention programs that change customer behaviour and go beyond transactions – like rewarding customers if they exercise, wear your products, visit your website, use your app, or if they talk to their friends about you.

Clients include Luisaviaroma, Stylebop, Jimmy Jazz, and the N Brown Group. Antavo is a growing company with 40 people in 3 offices across Europe.


Contact Person:  Zsuzsa Kecsmar // CMO & Co-Founder

[email protected]
+36 703767273


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Antavo, a Budapest-born, UK-based company has helped more than 30,000 businesses on 5 continents including build loyalty programs for fashion brands that resonate with millennials.

Using artificial intelligence and marketing software, it is able to tailor-make incentives for fashion companies and its customers to build long-term relationships with their clients. Its marketing director Zsuzsa Kecsmar explains how Antavo is more than just a marketing firm.

How do fashion loyalty programs differ from other sectors?

Many fashion companies want to focus on exclusivity and uniqueness. Often times a loyalty program is too commercial for them. We can help to create a privileged program, a membership program, a prestige program or any customer retention program that is in no way commercial and emphasises the values fashion companies want to express: exclusivity and uniqueness.

We call it recognition loyalty — we are all about moving away from points and you move closer to exclusivity, advocacy and experiences.

What are some of your most successful programs and why?

One of our most successful programs is the Luisa Via Roma program. We engaged Luisa Via Roma’s customers by sending them emails related to their birthdays with a relevant offer — each one was tailored to each individual. According to our data, Antavo delivered an unprecedented 600 percent return on investment for Luisaviaroma, as well as a 50 percent improvement in customer retention. Our email program accounted for one million new website visits through referrals.

You have mentioned that Millennials are not loyal but they like reward programs. How do we balance this?

Millennials want to belong and they need tribes. They need to live experiences with brands. This is the new currency in the 21st century. Brand’s need to create experiences. This is a way that we can help and engage customers outside of the buying cycle. Millennials don’t just want to hear from a brand. They want to engage with them not only in a transactional context or when a brand wants money from them.

What was one of your most successful millennial loyalty programs?

Athleisure brand Björn Borg runs a loyalty program that represents the values of Björn Borg—living an active life. As a member of TEAM BORG, you can participate in weekly and monthly challenges and get rewarded from the loyalty program. This approach linked the brand with an activity the customer would do every day on his/her own time.

Where are you most successful geographically?

Most of our clients come from all over Europe. We have Toys R Us in countries where they haven’t closed yet. The N. Brown Group in the UK and Jimmy Jazz in the US.

What do all of your businesses have in common?

All of our clients are consumer facing, no matter if they are brands or retailers. We are housed on helping these companies with customer retention. Through machine learning and AI – we are able to teach our algorithm to meet the needs to each customers. It’s really one to one and not one to many.